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In Extremis



Name : In Extremis Language :
Genre : Action Subgenre :First Person Shooter; Horror
Publisher : Delphine Software Year : 1993
Platform : DOS Added :N/A
Popularity: 2089º / 2273 Downloads : 6

The plot is typical sci-fi fare. You're the pilot of a patrol craft. The important little piece that prevents your ship from exploding suffers a sudden, catastrophic failure. Your only option is to bail out and stow away on the creepy science vessel adrift nearby. Now you're stuck, alone, on an infested ship with nowhere to go but further in. It sounds a bit cliche, and truthfully, the gameplay is standard FPS. But it's the little survival horror elements that caused my curiosity to perk up and start taking notes. First off, there are plenty of aliens and barely enough ammo. None of your weapons can be reloaded, and you can only carry one at a time, so finding and rationing your next gun is pretty critical. Second, your oxygen is always steadily depleting (marked by a green bar on your HUD). There are no "refill stations" or anything similar, so you have to seek out new oxygen tanks. If you find a reserve tank, it will sit in your inventory until you manually swap them out (your view does a neat, slow fade to white to simulate lightheadedness when your current tank goes dry). However, the tank you pick up won't usually be full, so finding new oxygen is never far from your mind. Similarly, there are replaceable batteries you can find to power a radar on your HUD, or a set of night-vision goggles. Running either drains power, and carefree use could leave you in the dark (hyuk hyuk) when you need them the most.

Version   Download Size Language
A floppy disk version of the game. Full, with all components and requires no installation.

6,22 MB



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