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Name : NAM Language :
Genre : Action Subgenre :First Person Shooter; War
Publisher : GT Interactive Year : 1998
Platform : DOS Added :2002-02-20
Popularity: 353º / 2273 Downloads : 14

You are Alan 'the Bear' Westmoreland, Marine Corps sergeant. The trouble starts on a deadly Viet Cong raid. Here the jungle is your battleground. Your mission, survive. NAM captures all the intensity and paranoia of jungle warfare, Fire-fights, ambushes, booby-traps, snipers, air-strikes, anti-personnel mines, and More. Feel the tropical heat and fear of tunnel skirmishes, paddy killing fields, swamps and thick jungles. NAM is the first game of its kind. NAM IS WAR. The first all action, 3D shooter to realistically bring the true experience of the Vietnam war to life. Created with the developer of the Doom conversion for the Marine Corps. Experience the intense action and real ambience of the Vietnam war. Employ true-to-war tactics to survive.

Version   Download Size Language
Full game but some of the contents such as music, videos or voices, may be removed to decrease the size of the game.

12,8 MB



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