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Zero Critical (a.k.a. Satin Rift)

Info: a.k.a. S  


Name : Zero Critical (a.k.a. Satin Rift) Language :
Genre : Adventure Subgenre :Sci-Fi / Futuristic
Publisher : Bethesda Softworks Year : 1999
Platform : DOS Added :2013-03-20
Popularity: 1465º / 2273 Downloads : 12

Zero Critical is a 1999 science-fiction computer game for Windows 95/98/XP. It is a traditional third-person and fully 3D graphic adventure with a heavy emphasis on story and characters. Zero Critical is notable for its scientific realism. The game's original title was Satin Rift, but it was released with the title Zero Critical by Bethesda Softworks in 1999. Zero Critical's story and plotline was written by Istvan Pely and Sherban Young. Chatt Rhuller (player) is an Interstellar Transportation Commission filed agent on assignment to Rheom 1. A research facility has been established there, currently engaged on the SATIN Project. Dr. Victoria Fayn, the head of the project, has killed a fellow scientist, Geopp, allegedly in self defence. The incident results in old rumours about the planet causing people to go mad to resurface. As an agent, Chatt is there to investigate the incident. Chatt's supposed quick investigation runs into a snag, however, when his shuttle is delayed and he has to stay on base for a few more days. As the madness spreads, he uncovers the secret mission of the base, and even more secret motives behind the mission. Read more:

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Full game but some of the contents such as music, videos or voices, may be removed to decrease the size of the game.

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