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Apprentice (Deluxe Edition)



Name : Apprentice (Deluxe Edition) Language :
Genre : Adventure Subgenre :Cartoon; Humorous
Publisher : Freeware Year : 2003
Platform : Windows XP / 7 Added :N/A
Popularity: 607º / 2273 Downloads : 14

This is a short-length free adventure game, made with the AGS Engine. It's the story of Mortimer "Pib" Pibsworth, an apprentice to a great wizard. Most days involve sweeping floors for the Master or collecting spell components, but today is different. Pib is going to cast his first spell. The graphics and background textures are cartoonish and fun. A lot of time has been put into the artwork of this game. Although not a particularly long adventure game, Apprentice hits all the right buttons with amazing accuracy, making this one of the hottest Adventure Game Studio games out there.

Version   Download Size Language

Full game with all components but it's not a CD version. In most cases requires no installation.

23,0 MB



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