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Last Half of Darkness VGA



Name : Last Half of Darkness VGA Language :
Genre : Adventure Subgenre :First Person; Horror
Publisher : SoftLab Laboratories Year : 1991
Platform : DOS Added :2001-02-20
Popularity: 1919º / 2273 Downloads : 9

This is the VGA-enhanced version of The Last Half of Darkness, and there are two sequels, Last Half of Darkness II and III. In this installment, your goal is to complete a potion which your aunt, a witch, was unable to complete before her death. The Last Half of Darkness VGA is not the same as the original, non-VGA, version of the game.You can't die in this game at all: there are no vampire girls to splatter you all over the floor, no Jason wannabes ripping your heart out of your chest, or any of that. This version is much easier; most of the rooms have been removed, except the ones you need. In fact, the game is pretty much a cake walk. Even if you haven't played the non-VGA version, you can still beat it in under an hour. There are still scary-looking characters, but they won't kill you.

Version   Download Size Language
A floppy disk version of the game. Full, with all components and requires no installation.

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