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Full game but some of the contents such as music, videos or voices, may be removed to decrease the size of the game.

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Entomorph: Plague of the Darkfall is an action-based computer role-playing game by Strategic Simulations, Inc. In Entomorph, the player controls the character Warrick. It is the second computer game based in the fictional universe World of Aden and is a sequel to World of Aden: Thunderscape.In this game you play the character squire Warrick who wants to try and find his sister Suiliana, When the game starts, you are briefed by a mysterious giant spider.Upon seeing you she starts a monologue which goes something like this:"Life if like a spider's web. The possible combinations of possible strands are ...limiteless.But for some vile reason- which I cannot comprehend- I am Doomed to spend every single strand with single-minded, backward-thinking Fools! Like You...who think themselves heros.why am I cursed in this way? it does not matter."and with that, she raises her claw and casts a spell on you. You find yourself on an island, near an abandoned village, with no memory of how you got there. You continue on to a village nearby, where your aunt and Uncle live. Then some giant mosquitoes, a type of Jagtura attack. After killing these Jagtura you are found worthy to be a hero of a story.The story moves around a mysterious sorcerer which give a cursed item to the Queen of the island, which turned her into a insect queen, spawning and plaguing the land with oversized intelligent insects. To defeat the insects it seems likely that you will become one of them.

Windows 9.x / XP

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