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Full game with all components but it's not a CD version. In most cases requires no installation.

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Added: 20.11.2029

Dizzy Remake is a superb PC remake of Dizzy, a great platformer/adventure hybrid that spawned an entire series on the Amstrad CPC and other 8-bit computers.This first game starring our egg-shaped hero was never released for the PC, so this remake is a welcome addition.The plot and gameplay, from the original release, go as follows: "Dizzy was exploring the haunted forest, looking for berries, flowers and a piece of wood with which to make a club when he uncovered a mystifying stone slab. Brushing the dirt aside he was able to read (after a great deal of head scratching) the faint inscriptions.. 'The Alestowuffober Potion.' Dizzy remembered his Eggfather had spoken of such a potion. 'It is the only way to rid our land of athletes foot, and it can also be used to destroy the Evil Wizard Zaks'. Dizzy trembled with fear as he recalled these words. Zaks brought fear to all the village, he cast spells that turned people old, made men blind and made it rain every Sunday afternoon during Cricket. Dizzy was determined to put a stop to all this, he would be the hero of the yolkfolk!!!

Windows 9.x / XP / 7

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